From initial regulatory approvals to the final build-out, Mase Contractors has developed technical knowledge from an extensive list of Residential, commercial, industrial, mixed-use, and municipal projects by providing comprehensive engineering services from planning through design, permit, and construction. With more than 20 years of experience and longstanding history of establishing a reputation for providing quality project delivery and exceeding client expectations in the Construction Industry.


We are committed to delivering a complete range of tailor-made business support services ranging from strategic facility management processes, predictive and preventive building maintenance, capital planning, and asset management partnerships on structural, electrical, and plumbing; which over the years, has given our clients confidence that we can manage their longterm visions as well as the day-to-day minutiae of construction.


As a leading company in project management, we offer you extensive experience in all aspects of construction, as a result, we help you reduce technical risks, prevent construction errors, control budgets, and effectively manage your construction project within the planned schedule by proper project planning, through comprehensive supervision, inspection, and commissioning of services for all types of projects – no matter the size or location.


We provide expert consulting services such as Architecture, Civil, Structural, Mechanical, and electrical engineering services, soil tests, and environmental assessment to all stakeholders in the construction industry. We are professionals in constructing 33Kv and 11Kv loadbearing lines and specialists in the construction of injection substations, transmission lines, and installation of injection wells. Our team has been built with the experience to plan, design, procure, and construct substations and utility communication projects.


Mase Contractor’s PVS provides our clientele with quick appraisal management, comprehensive valuation services, and expert judgment analysis.


We boast of experienced and qualified advisors who over the years have been involved in different aspects of property valuation services. This allows us to offer a tailored and custom solution to help you measure, analyze and report on a broad range of property valuation issues.


Our Valuation Services:

  1. Commercial Property Valuation
  2. Land valuation
  3. Appraisal of individual estates and properties
  4. Retrospective valuation
  5. Residential Property valuation


Some of our service activities include appraisals for purchases and sales, transfers, tax assessments, expropriations, settlements of inheritances or estates, and investments.

Our valuation experts have experience spanning a wide range of industries such as; Houses, Banks & Financial Warehouses, pharmaceuticals, Natural Resources, Power, Oil and Gas, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Technology, Telecommunications, etc.