Construction is time-consuming, but it will be more time consuming if your project doesn’t have a realistic timeline. Having a construction timeline gives your project a sense of direction and help in stipulating the time each phase of the project should be achieved. As you already know, construction goes beyond materials and laborers, it has everything to do with your strategy and timeliness in the execution of plans.

It’s unwise to embark on any project without a laid down timeline. Here are 5 tips that will help your structure a realistic construction timeline.


In all honesty, no matter how good a planner you are, if you don’t get the best contractor for the construction, all your effort will be in futility. The process of hiring the right contractor is not the time to call up any available contractor. Rather, it’s a time to have a face-to-face discussion with the contractors on your list before picking the best of them.

Note that a company might look it, be big and famous, but may not be the right contractor for your project. You need someone on the same page with you. A company with a good history in handling your type of project.

How well they’ve worked with companies similar to yours. Look out for their project management team since construction takes a team to succeed. Check for recommendations, put calls across because you can’t make such an important decision based on the testimonies on their websites.


As earlier stated, construction is like team sports, and every player (team member) plays an important role in the team. You’re the coach, which means it’s your responsibility to make sure every stakeholder is carried along, and seek their input. Architects, engineers, your internal team for the project, real estate experts, contractors, and every stakeholder should be working towards a common goal.

Get involved in the process if you don’t want your project to take longer than necessary. Provide all that’s needed and ensure that the entire team is working with a particular timeline.


When you meet with the project team, a part of the discussion should cover the materials needed to set the ball rolling. Make provision for the necessary materials, and if you are making the order yourself, don’t leave it at the first call. Endeavor to follow up on the vendors on the materials you ordered.

Keep your mind and eyes open to the cost to avoid going above your budget. One of the delayers of a construction project is the budget. People make a budget they don’t monitor which leads to the project being stalled.


Everything needed for the successful completion of a project is important, but having a priority is of utmost importance. Everything can’t be done at the same time and you should know which phase needs more attention.

If you’re building or renovating a business place, know what your business can do without and focus more on the things it can’t do without. Whatever your priorities are, make sure you’re communicating them to your team for clarity of purpose.

  1. TRACK

Many projects weren’t actualized because the owners were too busy to track the progress of those projects. You don’t embark on a project and go back to sit down. Tracking also involves you reminding the team of the scheduled time for completion.


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